Earlier, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said the country’s authorities decided to carry out a new round of strict epidemic quarantine against people starting November 2. New restrictions include closures of bars, restaurants, theaters and cinemas.

The German Prime Minister admitted that the number of new coronavirus infections in the country has reached an exponential increase in number. Germany is in the midst of a very serious pandemic, the government is facing serious challenges.

The biggest task, warns the head of the German government, is to ensure that contacts are traced. Without prompt action, the country’s health system could collapse.

Quarantine is also in effect throughout France from 30 October to 1 December. After that, depending on the situation of the COVID-19 epidemic this order will be extended or canceled.

Accordingly, public facilities and universities will be closed, meeting activities and crowds will be limited. Kindergartens, schools, colleges and private schools remain open, but measures must be taken to prevent epidemics.